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April 24, 2012:
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Henner's Talent identifies by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes

Actress from Taxi, Unforgettable has amazing talent.

Marilu Henner's superior autobiographical memory (hyperthymesia) was identified on an episode of 60 minutes when Leslie Stahl noted that her friend (Henner) had the same memory traits as a group of people who could remember the details of every day of their lives, and compare information from one date or event to the next. Stahl arranged for Henner to be tested for the talent, and she was identified as another person in the world known to have this ability. As it turns out, there may be many more people with the ability to use their minds like a database of dates and things that happened, and even compare aspects of certain dates with amazing recall, including the day of the week, where they were, and who they talked with. On the 60 minutes piece, Henner was able to recall a date given to her in detail, including where she was (Venice) and what the highlight of the day was. In the same way that someone who keeps a detailed daily diary would be able to read up on what happened years before, Ms. Henner is able to recall the same information immediately with more clarity. She stars on the series Unforgettable as the aunt of a detective who has superior autobiographical memory, and contributes her own experiences to the development and writing of the series.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Whenever working with people who have hyperthymesia, it pays to be honest, since they will remember every detail and they will always be right about things that happened in their presence, and what the weather was like, and who else was there that day. To them, everyone else must be living in some kind of mental fog.